Tomorrow’s Workforce is a major conglomerate of corporations in the news field. More than 50 national professional/journalisms career teaching organizations, and one of the most prestigious schools of journalism.

We show how investments of training in news and the professional development can improve the value and the appeal of the quality of our journalism in the 4 year project that is funded by J.L.K. and the John S Foundation.

Many of us have been editors and managers in the news fields for 25 plus years with assignments ranging from Money, Politics, and other special projects. Some of the employees here have taught at Brown, Stanford and Harvard.

Everybody has an extensive background in the online journalism/news paper field. Many of us here have popular blogs devoted to the quality in journalism or have had their own consulting business in coaching other editors and executives in other news originations.

Some of us even have taught in public schools teaching students of all ages the value of journalism.

At tomorrow’s Workforce we offer free assessments of newsroom learning and the needs that revolve around that. We will help all news programs developĀ  the training the is involved for improving the value and the appeal of all content. With that being said we just ask that news originations be willing to tell us their failures and successes in their work to help our dying industry learn more and more effectively train and develop the staff.

Also we are always looking for partners in what we do. If you would like to know more let us know by emailing us.

We have helped many newsrooms be more effective in there training.

Update: we will be giving a class on 12/17 in effective news reporting. It will be in the main room at headquarters downtown on seventh street. It will go from 4pm to 9 pm. Be there many guest speakers and lot of prizes that will be handed out.


A special thanks to verumfunding.com who help with funding for our project.