Listed below are some of the services that we offer

The School Program

news pieceAt we offer an after school program free of charge that lasts 7 weeks. It begins with news literacy taught by many different teachers from all backgrounds. Made up of journalists, and teachers they focus on one topic that is chosen for the final project that is due in 6 weeks from that date.
Also in the class the students will be taught digital media skill for with what the students will use to create and present their work via video, print, audio, or through websites. It will be presented if front of the class and the students will agree and give grades to all students.

Workshops For The Kids

We work with many sponsorships and organizations to help develop content and many learning experiences that will help many students with a overview of the news. All the students will pull together to focus on one issue or theme. The students final project will reflect this with the key concepts apparent in there design and execution. All of the workshops for this program are a three week program. If you have a student that is interested or would like to sponsor such a program just email us and we will get back to you.

Consulting also does consulting for those that need it from organizations to educational areas in developing news. If you are a teacher or head of a multimedia company needing our services please do email us to let us know you needs and a time line regarding what time you would like to start the process and we will get back to you as soon as possible


In our customizable teaching reporting field of development our workshops can work for your school districts and other educational sectors. We will help your teachers by giving them the tools to teach their students specific strategies that are specific to Journalist today in the field. If you would like some more information please reach out to Matt to get more info and pricing on these products.